Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Email Size Comparison....

I have an email account at Gmail and Yahoo. After login to Yahoo! Mail, I noticed there's a section, stating "By early May,2005, the size of storage will be increased to 1GB. I captured it down, attached below:


Then i visits others widely known, and mostly used eail service and captured other email size storage provided.

Hotmail's offered storage size

And the most popular(i suppose) email service provider that doesn't charge for it's service(but users are forced to accept advertisement, which i believe most "free" service practices), with growing size storage, GMail.

*It seems like Gmail is the most attractive email service provider, however, GMail may change their policy anytime. And if, yes, IF, Gmail announce that they no longer provide it's service for free, would that affect to you? Just some thoughts....

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