Saturday, January 08, 2005

看不見的城市漫遊invisible cities journey

Invisible life
1. ¤T¤H·Ð /aniDa
2. After Leslie /¹ÅµY+Adrian Chan
3. Interlude 1 - ÄÆµÛ /The Marshmallow Kisses
4. ¥¢ÂÜªÌ /¹ÅµY
5. ¨S¶}±Òªº«H /inLove
6. Interlude 2 - Sliding Landscape /The Marshmallow Kisses
7. Travelling Home /aniDa
8. Farewell to Summer /inLove + ¹ÅµY + aniDa
Download it here
(contains Cantonese and English songs)

This is a nice easy listening album. The vocals and music are all soothing to the ears. This is the type of music you'd want to listen to while resting in the bath tub or while driving alone after a long day. :)

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