Friday, February 20, 2009

Crystal Report: Server page unavailable

I have been doing crystal reports development for sometime. There are few errors encountered and worth mentioning it here:

1. Crystal reports tool icon does not show when the reports is loaded.
2. Image in the crystal report is not showing but working fine in the development machine and not the production server.
3. "Load report failed" error prompted when trying to load the crystal report.
4. Excessive tmp files residing in the temporary folder generated by the crystal report after it have been executed.
5. Upon saving the crystal reports into PDF/Excel/Word, the output file was corrupted.

There were many more errors faced along the line while developing and implementing the reports into the production server. At time I was thinking, developer and supports have their own role to play and it's not easy to play both roles. If one are really into both (which occasionally the life-fact in a realistic world), he/she must have got to be spent alot of time researching to get the heart beating. Am still trying to cope and learn and man, it's not easy to really get a rest time.

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