Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Javascript Feed for your news feed

Usually I prefix my browser to blank page to avoid the unnecessary memory/bandwidth usage by the browser to load the home page when its' executed. However, as I got more and more addicted to few blogs and news portal, I start to think if there is a tool to feed those xml and display it nicely in a page of my design (by not using those feedburner services or other free service portal).

Then google was the source for Feed2JS utility where I am currently using it to design my home page for few site with xml feeds, which allows me to glance through the latest news or posting that is available on those site without the need to visit the page. This is pretty much convenience to me and time saving too as I dont have to go through each of the site, to top that, I skipped the need to download those fancy graphics of one site that would not be of any use to me (the banners of the site).

Sample Feed:

Do try it out and have your favourite news feed on your homepage!

P/S: You can even customise the layout of the feed look for to fit your preference!

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