Thursday, July 12, 2007

Optimized VB Code

I admit, being a programmer is not an easy task. However, I do enjoy the complexity of it and the hassles need to go through to ensure the codes are mantainable and reusable.

When I first started programming, I never cares about the efficiency of the code as in performance issue. The programs that I have developed during my school days was only for personal or school assignments. There are no further thoughts put into consideration as of measuring the speed of the execution or the memory handling of the codes. All I have in mind was to ensure the code meets the objective and base on my instinct that the code is efficient enough.

But soon I realised, it's important to ensure the code written should not only meet the objective but to ensure it is efficient enough. I came across this article, Optimize string handling in VB6 , it's an article that explains the type of functions which consume lesser overhead and faster execution. It's not only improved the performance but also uses the functions effectively. I strongly agree that at time, using the right function at the right time would reduces the time required to meet certain objective.

Reading through the article brought up this little statement in my mind, "kill two bird with one stone".

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