Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Digital LED video displays for outdoor advertising

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Does the topic caught your eye? No? Well, it's indeed a new concept of marketing world. It's a mixture of technology in advertising line. Of cause, everything comes in a price and this is no exception.

But before we jump into the price factor, you might want to know more about the product before you comes up to a conclusion it's pricey or wether it worth the price. As you might have already seen on most of the countries, the advertising media that most of the company and advertiser used to present their product on the road or outdoor are actually billboards or poster. Does it really gain any attention from the passer-by or even archieve what it was meant to be, posted up there?

Well, with this current new technology, the Digital LED video displays that would be display on anywhere, from roadside to shopping complex, to somewhere around the bus stand, anyone would actually pay attention towards it and watch at it to clear the curiousity. Imagine, if you are walking across a street and you saw a video displays playing some kind of animations or video, you might take a look at it and watch what is it trying to present.

That's because we human tend to be caught by something interesting or something which cause us curious on it.

Now imagine, if your product were to presented in the digital LED video displays in the center of a shopping complex, don't you think it will certainly catch the eye of 100? or 1000? depending on the number of customers in the complex. This will certainly increase the awareness of your product to the mass.

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