Sunday, June 17, 2007

Install an Operating System on your thumbdrive!

Have you ever wish to have your computer system with you everytime you use other's pc? Have you ever complaint or face difficulties using your friend's pc and found out that your software is not installed on their pc?

Well, fret no more. I found out that now with 1Gbs sized of thumbdrive, you can easily make your operating system portable. You can install an operating system on your thumbdrive and bring it with you wherever you want and plug into any pc and make it boot on your thumbdrive. You wont be frustrated no more everytime you use other's PC. You can install anything you want, secure it however you can and start surfing with full confident over the system you're using.

Interested? Get yourself further details on below listed few articles;

Weethet - Boot from USB Stick
Marlow - bootable USB Keys; the linux ways

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