Sunday, April 29, 2007

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Internet has the greatest invention in the technology world. I remember when I was young; Internet to me was a community place. I meet friends around the world and communicate with them live. Then when time passed by, I found out that Internet is a great source for information. Whenever I have doubts, I would go online and search for an answer. It’s a place that never fails me.

Now, you won’t believe that Internet is also one of my sources of income. How do I do it? Well, I am going to share my story here.

I am a person who doesn’t like to take risk. I don’t invest any single penny to earn. All I invested was time but it’s very less time. I never love blogging at first and only last year I started to love it. I share my interest, my daily encounters and my experience in all sorts of topic. I wouldn’t care if anyone will read it but all I know, there might be someone who will search for information that I shared.

How sharing information helps me make money? You asked.

Well, through sponsors. Take a look at the right menu and you may see I have few sponsors and I’m getting paid for it. Why people want to sponsor on my site? Then their product will be made known to the people who read my site.

In Internet, any people can be the potential customer to one business, investing money to market the products is necessary. No matter how good a product that one company produces will never be success if nobody knows about it.

Up till this, you might have understood how I earn. I share and I gain. But will there be any sponsors interested in your website? Well, it depends. There are always potential sponsors if your website receives wide variety of audiences. But once you have started your website, you might be interested to first make your website known to your friends, relatives or anyone out there so they know the existent of your site.

But how are you going to make your site to be known for those who don’t even know you? Well, I would suggest some ways.

  1. Submit your site to those search engines.

  2. Advertise your site on those well known and related website.

If you are willing to pay and want the result fast, you may head over to linkworth. They provide quite a variety of products including make money online, search engine marketing, and text link advertising.This way you make your product (in this event, your website) known to your potential customer (readers and even your potential sponsors) and start earning!

I will share more information on my experience in making money online from now onwards.

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