Monday, January 15, 2007

ONIX 400

While monstrous TVs and silly products may have garnered a ton of attention at CES. USA TODAY's Mike Snider returned from Las Vegas with word on couple of slick products you might not have heard about:

A lot of music lovers have stashes of vinyl LPs that may be forgotten in the iPod era. Now Ion Audio has a simple way to convert those albums to digital files that can be listened to in iPods and other MP3 players. Its USB Turntable/CD player connects to your PC and records the albums as they play.

The turntable (model iTTCD10, due in June for $399) works like a standard turntable. And you can listen as the album is transferred to the PC. You can choose to have the music saved in MP3 or CD format and then transfer to a portable device or burn it onto a CD.

The turntable has built-in CD player, too. ?Right now there is a large group of us with vinyl collections we refuse to get rid of. We're offering a solution," says Ion Audio's Jack O'Donnell (CEO of Ion Audio). "It becomes a regular component of the stereo. It's really an all-in-one solution."

ONIX 400

Binocular maker Bushnell is working on the next essential device for outdoorsy explorers who like to stay connected. Its new ONIX 400, a handheld combination GPS and XM Satellite Radio provides standard GPS data along with weather data from XM?s weather service.

Fishermen, hunters or hikers can use the waterproof device to get current conditions and forecasts for waypoints and destinations in addition to XM music, news and sports channels.

Functions are accessed by viewing the 3.5-inch screen with split screen capability so users can access XM content at the same time a map or weather data is displayed. "Say you are going to go hiking in the Grand Canyon or huting in Wyoming for a week. Even if you are out in the middle of nowhere, you can get weather information via satellite," says Kris Hanon of N-Fuzion, which his developing the product for Bushnell. The expected cost is $499 and it will arrive by summer.

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