Thursday, November 02, 2006

New DirectX10 crysis videos demo on Nvidia G80

crysis-online has posted 2 new dx10 video that was demo on a g80 new dx10 cards.

"I've recieved some exclusive videos (who knows how long they'll stay exclsuive for though) and information from what you could call "an inside man". Besides these being the first public videos of the G80 actually running a game ( as far as I know ) - These are also the first real-time DX10 Crysis videos. You read it here first :-)

This journalist who shall remain anonymous was not allowed to say too much, but he may have already breached his NDA by telling me about the G80. The NDA is lifted on the 8th of November, yet you are hearing and seeing this all now :-)

"The videos were taken at a G80 presentation in Paris. When I asked for more information from mr.anonymous, he said the only thing else he could say was that the G80 will definately be worth buying. The same person also said he had a chat with the lead designer of Crysis who I believe is Bernd Diemer. Apparently, everyone there was drunk, so I'm sure there was some wild information flying around :-).

Below are the high quality videos from the event. The videos were taken with a still camera, but they're still pretty damn good. I've listed some of the things to look out for in each video.

Flythrough Video:

At the end of the fly through, you'll see what appears to be an alien craft on the left..
You'll see a shark at the beginning of the clip.
You can see some of the shadows in the distance fade in. This is to improve performance.
You'll notice in this video and in some others that.
There's a lot of vegetation. Heaps of grass and plenty of interactive shrubs.
Gameplay Video:

The seas and waves are all 3D.
The trees have lovely transparent shading.
You should notice in this video as well as some of the other videos that the windscreen of the car has glare and reflect the dashboard like in real-life. You'll notice many fine touches like that.
The waters surface refracts the light on to the bottom of the ocean floor like in real-life. Another great touch.
The HUD is blue and yellow instead of green which it has been in all the other videos. The color of the HUD my change depending on what MP team you are on.
The characters shadow underneath the water is not animated? This will most likely be changed by the time of release."


Mirror: G80 Crysis Videos

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