Friday, August 04, 2006

A New Revamp Microsoft Live Spaces or widely known, MSN spaces

Microsoft recently posted their next move in revamping the Live Spaces which drastically received more criticism than compliment.

Windows Live Spaces stumbled after being launched late on Tuesday, Microsoft wrote in a contrite weblog posting.

"We know we disappointed a bunch of you," the Microsoft posting read. "We planned long and hard for this release and unfortunately it was one of those gotchas that only showed up once we were in production."

Bloggers unhappy with Live Spaces, the successor to MSN Spaces, had opened fire on Microsoft on its own site.

"Honestly, none of my friends who use MSN Space likes the new release of Spaces Live," a user with the weblog name 'snowzboy' wrote in the Spaces Live string of postings topped by Microsoft's apology.

"It's just too bad. Sorry."

Microsoft wrote that it scrambled this week to get Spaces Live "in much better shape," but there were still things in need of fixing.

Some bloggers urged their peers to give Microsoft credit for improvements to the service and allow the Redmond, Washington, company time to fix the "glitches."

MSN Spaces was the most widely used blogging service in the world, according to Microsoft. Live Spaces improvements were intended to let bloggers network better with each other and personalize their entries, the company said.

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