Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Microsoft SQL Enterprise Internal Error: Catastrophic failure

If you received the above error while trying to access Microsoft SQL Enterprise then no worry, you're not alone. I have been searching for the problem for few hours and still not manage to get the problem solved. Some of the solutions that I've tried were reinstalling Microsoft SQL Enterprise(Removed/uninstall and install back), and even tried updating MDAC. None of the solution i found through the internet was able to work.

I've even compared the dll files including sqlsrv32 and another one that relates to ODBC but to no avail. Without wanting to waste further time to crack our head to find to solution, the next step that we took was reinstall the whole Operating System. Hrm... Well...

The problem solved! Surprised? ain't it? I don't know what is the source of the problem but we suspect it some installation problem when installing the server. There was a problem when we install the server but that didn't trigger us that it would be the problem. Anyhow, the solution is there, reinstall your OS if every solutions you find on the net doesn't solve it.

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