Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blogger Beta Version

New Features
Customize your template - Drag and drop page elements to customize your blog’s design in a snap.
Create a private blog - Want to share your thoughts with just family and friends, not the whole world? The new Permissions tab in Settings makes it easy to control who can view and contribute to your blog.
Fresh new templates - Added a bunch of new templates created by some of the web’s most talented designers.
More feed options - Added some additional feed options for our more advanced users. Now you can have a feed for all the comments on your blog, and even individual feeds for all the comments on each separate post. We’ve also added support for the RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 standards.
Updated Dashboard - The new Dashboard makes it easier to check your blog’s activity and gives you one-click access to the most common blog management tasks.
Instant publishing - Say goodbye to the dreaded “Publishing…” spinner. Now, when you make a new post or change any of your settings, your blog is updated and changes go live immediately; you don’t have to remember to republish.

Known issues for Blogger in beta
Not available in current Beta version
The search feature on your Edit Posts page.
The NextBlog button on the Navbar.
Edit HTML mode for Layouts (though if you are still using the old template system, this will work normally).
Support for certain types of blogs. These accounts will not be able to upgrade until later.
Support for some browsers. If you use IE 6.0 or Firefox, you should be fine, but we're still working on the compatibility issues in other browsers such as Safari, Opera, etc.
Other languages. It's English-only for now, but other languages will be coming soon.

Additionally, there are a few bugs that you may run into:
Users who have not switched to Blogger in beta will not be able to login to comment on blogs that have been switched. Commenting using the "anonymous" or "other" options will still work.
Spell check and labels have problems with accents or other special characters.
If you are using Layouts, the edit widget icon on your blog will occasionally appear in the wrong place or not at all. You can still edit everything from the Page Elements tab, however.
The archive list will not display posts without titles.
A blog owner's comments are not exempt from comment moderation.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 attempts to download links to site feeds, rather than display them in the browser. You can right-click the link to copy the location into your feed reader.
Some "view blog in new window" links will open in the same window.
There are general formatting issues in various places throughout the application. These are mostly just cosmetic and nothing to worry about in terms of functionality.
The "Remember Me" login option will not work correctly in Internet Explorer 6.0. The best workaround is to simply use Firefox. However, if you prefer IE, you can add to the list of allowed sites under Internet Options > Privacy.

Bare in mind that...
1) You’ll need a Google Account
After you sign in with your Blogger account, you can create a Google Account or link to your existing one.
2) We’re still adding features
Some features aren’t part of the beta yet, but will be in an upcoming release. See what’s missing
3) You can’t “undo”
Your blogs and profile will stay the same — but you can’t go back to the old Blogger application.

Read more here. Try it out if you are interested! Do keep us update~

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