Sunday, July 16, 2006

SPLog increasing, Strider Search Defender invented

Now Microsoft is also joining in the "war" against spam blogs or comment spams..

The tool, dubbed Strider Search Defender, designed by Microsoft's Cybersecurity and Systems Mangement Research Group, is an amalgamation of two previous Research Lab projects, Strider Honey Monkey and Strider URL Tracer. The combined technology is designed to locate and identify links to spammer's Web pages that tricksters post as comments on scores of blogs from links to legitimate Web sites.

Known as "comment spam" or "splog," the fake comments and phony blogs are used by spammers to boost a site's search engine rankings by making the linked site appear to be popularly linked from many other sites. Link popularity is one criteria used by search engines like Google to determine a site's importance, or ranking. Microsoft lab researchers found that the so-called search spammers create "doorway pages" on legitimate domains and use those URLs to pepper blogs with comment spam.

"By identifying those domains that serve as target pages for a large number of doorway pages, we can catch major spammers' domains together with all their doorway pages and doorway domains," the Microsoft researchers said.

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