Sunday, July 16, 2006

Microsoft's Ultimate Keyboard

The system will come with a wireless laser mouse, the source said. View an online teaser about the keyboard here.

A Windows Live Call button will provide one-touch access to a list of Windows Live Messenger buddies online to initiate a videoconference or chat session. Pressing the button will automatically log a user into Windows Live Messenger and open a list of contacts currently online.

A Gadgets button will provide similar access to Gadgets in Windows Vista; Gadgets are mini-applications that appear on the computer screen to display news, sports, weather information, and the like.

The ergonomic keyboard will include a round button at the bottom--below the space bar--that will initiate the Start menu of Vista or Windows XP, the source said. It will supersede the Windows Start menu keys traditionally found next to keys on a keyboard.

Ultimate Keyboard's keys will be backlit, and their illumination will be adjusted based on surrounding light and the proximity of users, the source said. The keys will light up if the room is dark or if a user is close by.

A dock will be included with the desktop package to charge the keyboard and mouse simultaneously from a computer's USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. The keyboard and mouse will come with built-in batteries. The cordless keyboard and mouse will communicate wirelessly with a computer within a 30-foot range, using Bluetooth technology.

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