Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How to? Geysers

Grobe, a juggler, and Voltz, a trial lawyer, enlisted Mike Miclon, the owner of the theater where they perform, to operate the camera and a friend to create the toe-tapping techno music soundtrack. Miclon said his wife held an umbrella next to the camera just in case.

The result is their video, which features 523 Mentos causing 101 bottles of Diet Coke to erupt.

The geysers have been compared to the dancing fountain at Las Vegas' Bellagio hotel-casino.

Any kind of soft drink will work, Grobe said, but diet soda keeps the men from getting sticky.

The video has had 4 million hits on the Web since it was posted on June 3 and exposure in the mainstream media, including David Letterman's "Late Show" on CBS and NBC's "Today" show.

Via Yahoo News.

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