Saturday, July 01, 2006

ERROR 80070241

Got this error and doesn't know what to do? Trying out Windows Vista Beta 2 installation? Disappointed? Don't worry. You found the right place.

I've searched for the solution and got to know that apparently the error was not caused by bad download. There is no fix solution toward the error but found few alternative ways to get Windows Vista Beta 2 to work.

Method no.1
No, this error is not caused simply by a bad download. I've spent the past month nearly trying to get around this particular error and have not been able to.

I've downloaded and burned about half a dozen DVDs using all sorts of burning tools and speeds. All my downloaded ISO check out just fine with the MD5 checksums provided in posts all over the place. So, my ISOs are good. My DVDs install just fine on some machines, as long as they are using IDE drives and not SATA.

I've gone as far as installing WinXP and upgrading, I've copied the binaries to a second partition and tried installed from that. I've even used Windows Deployment Services to try and get Vista installed on my system, but nothing works.

My own personal opinion is that the drivers for the VIA SATA controller, in my case the 8237 chipset. I have installed Vista on 4 different IDE systems all without problems. To get Vista to work on this one system, I had to pull the SATA drives out and replace them with and IDE drive.

And it worked.

Method no.2
I downloaded the second time…but this time, i didn’t write it to DVD..instead used the ISO image with ‘Daemon tools’ and crearted a virtual drive and installed from there..yeah worked fine. But was so irritating..lot of programs dont work.
Comment left by sg God

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