Friday, July 14, 2006

Cell Phone Could Prevent Dialing While Intoxicated

LG Electronics has been showing off new feature-rich cell phones consumer electronics and communications trade shows this year, and one of the upcoming models has a breathalyzer.

A sports car 410 series phone looks like a European sports car and incorporates a sensor to measure blood alcohol content, according to an LG announcement from a recent Singapore trade show.

The breathalyzer phone, designed with the help of an Italian sports car company, features engine sounds, video recording and playback and MP3 functions. The sports car model may remind people not to get behind the wheel, but the company made no mention of features to overcome stubbornness.

The new LP 4100 cell phone does issue a warning that shows a weaving car hitting cones, according to an ABC report from an annual consumer electronics trade show. Users can program the phone to prohibit drunk dialing specific numbers on their contact lists at certain times, according to the report.

The company also unveiled a 3D game phone, a camera phone, a music phone and a slide phone with a two-layer display.

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