Wednesday, July 26, 2006

AsianPay (SINGAPORE) Pte. Ltd.

Here is one of Asianpay's latest news. It caught my attention when reading through my mail..

We are proud to announce the incorporation of AsianPay (SINGAPORE) Pte.
Lt. and the \"Coming Soon...\" re-launch of the credit cards feature
that will be managed and processed in Singapore with the help of Citybank
that at the present time is working on its new gateway System
and evaluating our proposal and application doing their Due Diligence
on our Companies.

The service will be restored during August and our valuable AsianPay\'s
members will be able to utilize VISA and MASTERCARD as a Value Added
Service in the network.

Moreover we don\'t want to loose the very important business from all
our members that have registered an American Express Cards.
For this reason we are directly dealing with American Express in
Singapore to be able to continue to accept also AMEX on AsianPay Payments.

Please, be patient, because these are not easy deals to be completed
especially considering the actual situation on Internet abour Credit

- Debit Cards :

Coming at the end of August, if Card One Plus (the issuing Company)
will help us in the schedule.
We will offer to all our valuable members the possibility to load their
money in to a real debit card.
The card will be branded with AsianPay logo and could be used in the
main ATM circuit like Maestro and Cirrus and also in the POS network.

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