Saturday, June 03, 2006

Microsoft Releases First Mac Keyboard-Mouse Combo

As most of you may have know, there are Mac intel in the market now. By releasing there will be increasing users that uses Mac to run Microsoft product, Microsoft developed the first Mac Keyboard-Mouse Combo.

The Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac includes a wireless keyboard and a wireless high-definition laser mouse. Both pieces, in silver finish, are products of the Microsoft hardware division.

The keyboard has hot keys that can map to various functions -- including iTunes or iPhoto -- and its design is consistent with other Mac keyboards. For example, Microsoft notes that the Control, Option, and Command buttons on the keyboard are where Mac users expect them to be.

Back to School

Both components are compatible with the newer Intel-based Macs -- which now run Windows as well as Mac OS X -- as well as older Macs.

Microsoft said that the new Wireless Laser Desktop shows it has not abandoned the Mac platform. "This launch further demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to enhancing the computing experience for Mac users," said Scott Erickson, director of product management and marketing for Microsoft's Macintosh business unit.

Nicole d'Onofrio, an analyst with technology research firm Current Analysis, said she thinks this product makes sense for Microsoft. "Apple's really poised for a strong back-to-school season," she noted. "This Mac-centered product, coming out in the summer, will benefit from Mac's back-to-school push."

'High Definition'

Microsoft is touting the mouse as "high definition," saying that it is two generations ahead of other such optical devices in terms of precision and responsiveness. It features a tilt wheel for moving around large documents and a zoom slider for examining documents in close-up detail.

The keyboard also includes customizable favorite keys to call up favorite folders, files, or Web pages, an eject key for CDs and DVDs, and one-touch hot keys for frequently used functions, such as e-mail, music, photos, and so forth.

The company said the new keyboard is ergonomically designed with what Microsoft calls a "comfort curve" design as opposed to a flat keyboard. The purpose of the design is to promote natural hand and wrist positioning.

Available sometime this summer, the desktop set will have a retail price of $99.95.
Via YahooNews!

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