Thursday, June 15, 2006

Disney into Telephone Service in US

"We built a complete mobile experience that is specifically designed to meet their needs and is uniquely Disney from end-to-end. Disney Mobile will allow parents to manage their family's phone use and help teach kids responsible use."

Parents can dictate when telephones will be operable and get details on calls, messages, and Internet downloads, according to Disney. Parents can prevent certain numbers from being called.

The service alerts parents when their children have spent their telephone time allowances.

"Parents and young people have both been looking for more control in their mobile phone service," Parry Aftab, a privacy lawyer and founder of, said in a Disney release.

"After seeking control over such things as who can call or text them, unexpected charges and high-monthly bills, and access to content, they now have the answer in Disney Mobile."

Parents wondering whether their children have gone astray can go online and tap into Global Positioning System technology that pinpoints and maps the locations of Disney telephones, the company said.

Disney will also imbue the telephones with themes and content from its entertainment empire, according to Disney Mobile, which is part of the company's internet group based in North Hollywood.

Telephone service plans being offered ranged in price from 39.99 to 249.99 dollars (US) monthly and handsets prices started at 59.99 dollars.

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