Sunday, June 18, 2006

Blogexplosion was up on sale and it's now sold!

I got the latest news last Friday that BE was put on sale and found their new buyer just one day after they announced that BE was put up on sale. Then, i received this message just few hours ago which i guess it's a good news.

BE members have been asking about the status of BlogExplosion since we announced the site was going back up for sale last week. In less than two days after going back on the market, BlogExplosion has found a new owner.

The sale of BlogExplosion was one of the most busiest auctions in SitePoint history (auction website) as the phones and private messages did not stop until we actually closed the deal.

The new owners are a large group that have extensive blogging backgrounds and we are very happy with the outcome. This group definitely has the experience and the resources to take BE to the next level. They have a large development team that will produce better site functionality and have the means to raise the awareness of BlogExplosion moving forward.

Get your latest updates from thier official blog.

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