Saturday, May 27, 2006

Windows Media Photo or WMP

Microsoft introduced on May 24 at WinHEC (the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) in Seattle its proposed image-compression file-format specification, which it is calling "Windows Media Photo."

During a session on Windows Media Photo, Bill Crow, principal program manager with Microsoft's Digital Media Division, described some of the characteristics it plans to support with the fledgling spec.

Windows Media Photo will allow users to correct, render and print photos in half the size a comparable JPEG requires, Crow said. As a result, images will retain more shadow and highlight detail, even when sent via e-mail, instant-messaging and other communications channels; and will require significantly less space for storage, he told WinHEC attendees.

"While the half the size of a JPG is interesting, it's largely irrelevant in my opinion," blogged Thomas Hawk, a San Francisco-based digital media enthusiast and author of the "Digital Media" blog.

Via PCMag

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