Sunday, December 11, 2005

What's new on GMail

Went through Official Google Blog. Just read their "A cure for the common inbox" post. Google eventually have released three more new features(aside from Virus scanning). Visited Gmail to look what are the new features that were released. Below are some brief detail on the features..

Feed me
View your favorite RSS feeds right in Gmail as “Clips” along the top of your Gmail screen. Display clips from blogs, news sites and other online sources. Pick from the latest headlines, random popular feeds, or add any RSS/Atom feed you want. Learn more

See it now
Don’t want to wait for an attachment to download? Now when you get Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or .pdf attachments, you can view them as a web page in HTML by clicking the "View as HTML" link right next to it. For when you're on a mobile device or you don't want to install some new software just to view a document. Or if you just want to see it faster. Learn more

Shortcuts on the right
Now Gmail automatically detects addresses and tracking numbers, and displays useful information for them alongside your messages. With a single click, you can get directions to that address your friend sent you, or find out when the new book you ordered will arrive. Pretty handy! Learn more

GMail is getting more than just an ordinary email hosting.

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