Saturday, December 24, 2005

Google Front / Welcome Image

Image Hosted by
It changed! Previously there's no cat in there but only moust without it's body(only head displayed). But now there's a cat in there. The mouse is pulling a power cable and cat is trying to plug in the cable. I'm really sure what's next but i think the next image will be a christmas tree filled with lights on? I'm not sure, but it do makes thing interesting. I was actually wanted to search for information and the graphic got my attention. I'm still thinking what possible the picture may means. Anyone of you might have better guess? Leave a comment if you do.

*Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas!

Related note: Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products & User Experience clears up the rumors and misconceptions on the latest AOL issue. I wasn't know that AOL and Google is now partner until i read about the AOL Announcement. I've heard bad and good things about AOL, but not Google(as of now). Hope this announcement will clears things up.

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