Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Youtube: "My Subscription" feature and other New feature!

If you are a user of Youtube, you may have know the feature already. It's a nice feature where it allows a user to subscribe to other user's video. If you have users that subscribe to you, you're able to broadcast message to them. The users will also be notified if there's a video uploaded by you. Doesn't that great?

One more great offer is that, Youtube is currently having "November nano-a-day Giveaway"!!! Err... You may ask, what's that? Here's the information..

We're giving away one brand new 4GB iPod nano every day in November! Entering is easy, simply Sign up for a YouTube account. Already have an account? Invite a friend. The more friends you invite, the more chances you have to win. See Contest Rules and Details for more information.
Other than that, there are other new updates from Youtube;

  • Playlists

You can now organize all your favorite videos into Playlists! To add to your Playlists, watch a video and click the 'Add to Playlists' button. Once you've added videos, go to My Playlists to view, edit, delete or create new Playlists.

If you're a developer with a desire to integrate YouTube with your application or website, you'll be pleased to know we have a new suite of APIs available. These APIs are available through two interfaces: REST and XML-RPC. Moving forward, we plan on working closely with fellow developers to ensure that the APIs we provide meet the needs of third-party sites looking for a plug-n-play video solution for their sites. Browse the new APIs here.
  • Channels

You're probably already familiar with Channels, but we've vastly improved this area recently. Visit Channels and click on your favorite topic (Music, Pets & Animals, Sports etc), you'll now get to see specific information for that Channel including: recently added videos, who the most active users are and the top watched videos. Channels are a great way to easily find the videos you're most interested in seeing.

  • More FAQs
We've updated our help section with more of your frequently asked questions. Want to know how to embed videos on MySpace/Friendster? Do you want to make your embedded videos autoplay? Do you spend many sleepless nights wondering "YouTube is such a great website, can it really be free??"
  • Full Screen View
It's easy to see the full screen version of any video, just click the fullscreen icon in the bottom right of the video while watching a video, and the full screen version will open in a new window. Make sure you have pop-up blocking disabled for YouTube.com, otherwise this feature will not work.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and invite more friends to join to gain the chance to win a brand new 4 GB IPOD NANO!

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