Friday, November 11, 2005

Online1-my Website Interface

Have a look on Online1-my website. If you're viewing it using IE, then you probably will have this interface displayed;
Free Image Hosting at
But if you're viewing it under firefox browser, the interface may not look like what it should looks like. errr, dunno what i'm trying to say? Take a look;
Free Image Hosting at
I managed to identify the "bugs"(erm, maybe not a bug either). I change the value of the width and height to pixels, rather than percentange(the current value), and the flash interface resized accordingly. I'm not sure why firefox doesn't recognize the percentage value, maybe anyone can highlight me?

*For your info, Online1-my i currently hiring Application programmer. Send in your resume if you're interested. I have no affiliates with Online1-my. Just received an email from Job search engines and visited their website. =)

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