Sunday, November 06, 2005

Google Desktop, Info when you want it, right on your desktop

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Google Desktop is now out of Beta.
Geeks, meanwhile, are invited to pore over our script support for writing plug-ins, which makes it far easier to create home-brewed Sidebar panels. And Sidebar has a bunch of new third- party panels, most notably GDTunes, which cycles through your iTunes collection (and even shows album covers).

Finally, let me invite developers and anyone else who's interested to check out our new Google Desktop blog for the latest news

For more information, proceed to Google Desktop's Blog. The blog was just lauched few days back.

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There's a post on Flu issue, which i've posted at infoCT. Head over if interested, or you can read more on it's official source. I just came back from Awana Kijau, Terengganu, Malaysia. Will post up some pics taken from the vacation at infoCT. Do check out the site more often :)

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