Saturday, October 22, 2005

Windows Media Player: 0x591c2522 referenced memory at "0x595c2a4c"; An internal application error has occurred.

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This error occured when i try to load my wma. I google for solution on the error, and found few different type of source that link to one solution. The unique solution was published by Microsoft official support site.
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There's two solution toward the problem, but none of it work for me. I'm getting more mad with the problem, then i tried to uninstall each and every program to identify which program that cause such error.
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One by one, uninstalled. Till the third program, the Norton's "NAV" update program was uninstalled, i restart the system and i try again to load the Windows Media Player. This time, no more error. hrmm.. I'm not sure if Norton is incompatible with some of the Windows component, but one thing for sure, it's due to Norton program. Got to install back those uninstalled software.... argh...

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