Sunday, October 02, 2005

New feature updates at Yahoo! 360°

I'm not sure when this updates were announce, but i guess it's definately a move to compete with blogger. There are some advantages which Yahoo! 360 has over Blogger. However, these updates definately doesn't matter to me. I receive this update through email(I subscribed Yahoo! 360 newsletter when i register Yahoo! 360 account). I used it once, if i'm not mistaken, Yahoo! 360 does not allow changes to be made on the template(ermm only small section is modifiable, like the background colors but not the whole coding).

Get More out of Messenger
Now you can easily see when your friends have updated their Yahoo! 360° pages. Even update your own Yahoo! 360° blog and blast in seconds -- all from Yahoo! Messenger.

One Click Away From Blogging and Blasting
Have you found a great web site that your friends would dig? Or maybe you read an article online that makes you want to talk back. Now you can blog about whatever site you're on, right from the new Yahoo! 360° button on the Yahoo! Toolbar.

Express Yourself With Avatars
Animate your profile photo with a Yahoo! Avatar. Use animated moods to show how you're feeling. Dress your avatar up in the latest fashions, add cute pets, or pretend you're on the beach with a new background.

Feel free to signup Yahoo! 360 here. Don't know what is Yahoo! 360 about? Read more about it here.

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