Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ATT: Project's Refresh card member

There's a promotion currently in Project's petrol kiosk. Here's the offer that they're offering(which is better than nothing)...

Destina stores are in the process of entering into an exciting alliance with 7-Eleven and soon all Destina stores nationwide will be replaced with 7-Eleven outlets. For **every purchase of RM30 in a single receipt, you can get a 600ml bottle of water for only 10 sen! And to top it off, 7-Eleven will also be bringing you a fantastic offer during this time.

**Eg: In a single receipt purchase,
RM60 = 2 bottles, RM90 = 3 bottles.
* Terms and conditions apply and offers are
valid while stocks last.
* All other Refresh offers are discontinued and
replaced by this promotion.

It's great to know they're offering these cool offer(even tho you save only few cents). But still, Project has very few branch. I can't afford to loss more petrol to travel to the so far just to get the free stuff. Not worth it tho.

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