Wednesday, October 12, 2005

AdKnowledge - The Next Generation of Online Advertising

This is another advertising network. There are already so many network established but yet another new network just emerge. I got to know this network through Imageshack. Imageshack is the first Adknowledge publisher that i know. The concept of Adknowledge is pretty similar to Adsense. However, it uses the flash media to host the advertisement. In user's perspective, it eats up the bandwitdh and slows down the page load time. However, in advertiser's perspective, It's a great way in delivering animated media.

AdKnowledge employs the CustomAd technology. This CustomAd technology provide the capability of;

1) Identifies when and where to deliver text-based listings in graphical emails and banners to our extensive user network
2) Constantly analyzes users' behavior, through pattern analysis, to determine other related offers that might interest them
3) Selects from our library of 5,000 graphical emails and banners, including categories from home mortgages to wakeboarding, which have been optimized for the best conversions

Currently, AdKnowledge have over 20,000 of the largest keyword advertisers that utilize our network each day within 4,000 different product categories.

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