Thursday, September 29, 2005

Think Geek! Gizmo store..

Have you visit Gizmo store in One Utama? Well, i went there once. It's cool. They have those "weird" stuff which is kind of cool to show it off(or even play a fool on others). The price is average, which is still affordable in other word. The kids there was amazed with those "robot" with sensor feature integrated. It's definately worth a visit even you don't intend to buy.

So that's all for gizmo. As for ThinkGeek, you may have heard or even visited their website, they sell lots of "weird" or fancy stuff(which i think the name explained it all). I received a mail, or a newsletter from them. The mail listed all their latest product. I followed the link and take a glimpse on their product. Want to highlight few here..

Geeky Wrapping Paper
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This i guess i don't have to explain it. It's self explainatory. It can be used to wrap nasi lemak, gift, or your table(depends on your creativity).

NukAlert Radiation Alarm
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This is something that i felt worth mention. With it, worry no more on the radiation. Err... But what if it detected radiation on the wrong place at the wrong time or what should i do to avoid it?
It's description...
Carried everywhere your keys go, the NukAlert's non-stop monitoring will always alert you to unseen, but acutely dangerous, higher levels of radiation. An additional benefit of the NukAlert results from its negative monitoring (remaining silent) when higher levels of radiation are not present. An alert is indicated by repeating groups of rapid countable chirps (up to 9 chirps per group). Each additional chirp in an alarm group indicates doubling of the measured dose rate. Alarm measurement groups are repeated about twice per minute.

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