Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hotmail offering 250MB inbox size, only in the 50 United States

I was surprise when i saw the statement "MSN Hotmail Inbox Storage is now 250 MB and there is an increased attachment size of 10 MB!". I quickly login, and hope to get an expend of my inbox size. Happiness doesn't last long, i was dissapointed when i got the same space for my inbox size, 10mbs. I thought i read it wrongly. I logout to reconfirm it....Hrmm.. then i notice this little star(asterick). Seems like another "terms and condition" type of "scam". I read on, and, well...

I guess i'll stick with Gmail(offering 2.5GB and expending).

If you does not have GMail account, feel free to email me to request for one. No harm to own few additional email account. Besides, there's other benefits offered by GMail.

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