Saturday, August 13, 2005

Identify Source of Country for given IP address

Today is my last and final paper. Graduation date is scheduled at November 2005. For exact date and more personal updates, proceed to my second blog, infoCT :p.

For those of you who don't know what's the final project title I was doing, it is Web Advertising Management System or DOWAMS. As most of you who have used Adsense, Clicksor or any other advertising network, you might have heard of Geo-targeting. Initially, I planned to include this little feature into my system, but due to the time constraint, and the "unexpected system scope", I gave the feature up.

Allow me to briefly explain on Geo-Targeting feature. Basically, the system would first detect the IP of the visitor who visits the website. With the ip identified, it is then converted to the country name(which owns the IP). And by having the country name, the system would then decides, which advertisement to display based on the country. And this is what i meant with geo-targeting.

However, to identify which IP belongs to which country is not an easy task. Then, i searched through the net(Google lo,what else?), and found this mighty converter. It is known as The IP to Country Database. It allows you to enter your IP, and get the origin country that owns that IP address. How's that? It's fantastic. Half of my task is done. The same site also allow you to download the list of IP that belongs to which country which you could easily integrate it into your system. They provide some tip or source code as well, to guide you how to retrieve the IP numeric.

After knowing the existent of such great website, I regret that i was unable to implement it into my system. But well, it may be useful for those of you who needs it. Just to share what i found.

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