Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bug Me Not (Hong Kong Version)

I saw this movie made available at DSoul. I thought it was an old movie. But, after visiting Yesasia, it was scheduled to release on 30th August. I don't really watch chinese movie unless the actors are those I like. The movie starring Isabella, BoyZ, Twins. Im not planning to watch it, but I found this link where Bug Me Not! movie have already released. It was to my surprise, even the poster stated "Coming Soon". I guess it should be named something like "leaked". I'm not promoting the links nor have any other intention but to share what i found. This site has no affiliate with the links published, otherwise stated.

*I highly suggest that you buy it if you want to watch it. Feel free to do so, here. Flickr seems to be getting slower, im not sure what's the problem. I guess it's time to switch new graphic hosting..


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