Sunday, June 12, 2005

Nokia, Intel WiMAX push

Friday, Mobile phone and network company Nokia and chip giant Intel announced plans to step up their efforts and collaboration to make WiMAX a new standard in mobile broadband Internet access.
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WiMax is a wide-area wireless networking technology that promises to deliver wireless broadband access over a range significantly greater than that of IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN technology, commonly known as Wi-Fi.
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Intel has been the driving force behind WiMAX, touting it as the long-distance broadband Internet sibling of Wi-Fi which it turned into a success with its Centrino chipsets for laptops.
Reference: Thebosh
*Now i know what my lectuer trying to tell us. If i'm not mistaken, it could cover the distance up to 25km or 50 km. Should be cool if it can be implemented on Hotspot stuff. And Internet would become cheaper, as well as more sniffer maybe?
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