Tuesday, June 14, 2005

J III MP3 Player 512MB Swarovski Limited Edition

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Do you know there's a special collectible: the J III (Swarovski Limited Edition) MP3 player, designed and endorsed by Jay Chou? Well, as stated, it's limited and it's prolly out of stock currently. The product is available in Yesasia.com

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J III comes with 2 of Jay Chou's latest songs for the film Initial D, exclusive to J III only - and they won't even be included in the Initial D original soundtrack! Also built-in are a Jay Chou wallpaper, demo versions of 3 of Jay's most popular tunes, and a voice message from Jay himself. Designed by Jay Chou and a group of young designers who love his songs, the Swarovski Limited Edition features high quality crystals studded on the surface of a powerful MP3 player, and it also has Jay Chou's autograph engraved on the cover. This special edition is limited to only 2000 pieces worldwide, and each possesses a unique serial number! Free official postcards are coming with the J III MP3 player!

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