Thursday, June 09, 2005

GreenZap Service is now open!

I got to know Greenzap's services through Tiensoon's blog. Don't know what is greenzap about? Here's some definition;
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GreenZap members can send money to anyone and everyone. This includes people outside the US. Those receiving money through GreenZap, who aren't GreenZap members, can easily open an account to receive their money quickly. Once you have a GreenZap account open, feel free to start spending! GreenZap members can use their fundz to buy just about anything online. This includes goods on eBay®, Yahoo®, our GreenZap Storez, and other similar sites.
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Additional "benefits"(as claimed through it's website);
Earning Money
Members can earn rewardz by referring and expanding their GreenZap community. GreenZap will thank you for it. And reward you for it.

Feel free to read more here. Interested? Join now.

*The author holds no guarantee on the reliability or legitimate of GreenZap services.

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