Saturday, June 18, 2005

Founder of OpenBSD Says Linux is Terrible

A flameware is brewing between different factions of the open-source community after founder of OpenBSD Theo de Raadt attacked the popular open-source operating system Linux during an interview with Forbes.

"It's terrible," De Raadt told Forbes. "Everyone is using it, and they don't realize how bad it is. And the Linux people will just stick with it and add to it rather than stepping back and saying, 'This is garbage and we should fix it.'"

Linux is lower quality than OpenBSD and many parts of Linux are "cheap little hacks," added De Raadt.

However, Linus Torvals, the founder of Linux, responded only by stating that De Raadt is "difficult."

Quote from: Geekinformed
Article By Michael

*I'm wondering how De Raadt would comment on Windows...

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