Saturday, June 04, 2005

Aztech DSL Turbo 100U

I had a problem with my USB modem model "as stated above", then i tried to search on google, got a solution to fix the problem. I'm not sure if it works, but, here, i provide the solution i get, and will update if the solution solves my problem. Visit back if you want to know the result.
Aztech 100U DSL USB modem is widely used in India by DishNET DSL to provide DSL connectivity. In order to use their DSL service on Linux, two steps are required:
1) Installing/configuring the driver to work under linux
2) To make the DSL modem connect to the provider.

OS Configuration: RedHat linux 8.0

1) Installing/configuring the driver
a. download the driver from
b. untar it and run the configuration script (refer README/INSTALL for more details.
c. provide the following details when prompted:
Vid1/Pid1 : 0509 / 0801
Vid2/Pid2 : 0915 / 0802
VPI/VCI : 0/32
d. run the startmodem script. If configured properly, you would be seeing the modem working.

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