Monday, May 23, 2005

Shi Kang Jun, Huang YiDA, & JS

Get it Shi Kang Jun - Leng Dong @ Rating: 5/5
Album/Single: Jones Firelight
Language: Mandarin
Shi Kang Jun, also known as Jones Shi, is a Singaporean newcomer who I've been listening to non-stop for the past week or so. His music has a refreshing rock sound amid a pop R&B/Hip-Hop Mandarin music scene, he also notes British/UK rock music as one of his biggest musical influences. His voice isn't 'amazing' but works well with his music, particularly in the featured track 'Leng Dong.' It's my favourite off his debut album 'Jones Firelight,' and can probably be best described as an emotional rock ballad. Please give him a try :)
Get Huang YiDA - Xian Shang You Xi at loveppears.netRating: 5/5
Album/Single: YiDA
Language: Mandarin
Huang YiDA debuted last spring with his self-titled album 'YiDA,' this featured track is my favourite off the album. 'Xian Shang You Xi' is a high-energy rock song where YiDA shows off his impressively fast vocals. His sound, much like Shi Kang Jun, is much more rock-inspired than most of the popular artists in the Mandarin music scene. However, while I can't really pinpoint any artists that Shi Kang Jun reminds me of, I think YiDA's sound, particularly his voice, is rather close to Taiwanese rock group Mayday. As my sister likes to say, she wants "to pick him [YiDA] up and put him in Mayday so they can make pretty music together."
Get JS - Su Fei Ya De Yuan Wang @ loveppears.netRating: 5/5
Album/Single: Yu Jian Wei Lai
Language: Mandarin
Brother and sister duo 'JS' is composed of older brother Justin and young sister Sophia Chen. Their debut album was released earlier this year and was a collaborative effort between the two in both musical and lyrical compositions. 'Su Fei Ya De Yuan Wang' is my favourite track off the album. It's a soft and flowy pop song, that is also ridiculously catchy. Every so often this song will pop into my head and I'll just be singing 'Su Fei Yaaaa..'
Get Sowelu - Last Forever @ loveppears.netRating: 4/5
Album/Single: Sweet Bridge
Language: Japanese
I was first introduced to Japanese R&B artist Sowelu when I noticed her in the VOICES of KOREA & JAPAN for the 2002 FIFA World Cup collaborative track 'Let's get together now.' Sowelu has released two albums since then, her second and latest was released earlier this year. 'Last Forever' is a light R&B ballad, nothing particularly outstanding for the most part, but has a catchy and uplighting chorus that also displays Sowelu's smooth and full voice.


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