Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A screenshot of your site as a Mac sees it through Safari

For a webmaster, it would be important to ensure that the website that were developed, can be viewed by every user. However, with much browser out there, it would be difficult to test it on each and every browser. As i'm on windows platform, I may install firefox (which developed for *nix/*nux platform but now they supports windows as well), but how bout to install Safari browser that runs only on Apple/Mac platform (no windows version available yet, or i don't know). It would be troublesome to go around, search for Apple users, and ask for their review on the site everytime changes were done. So here, i present Danvine.com - iCapture service, which is free currently, but requires you to register for an account to use the service.

What is iCapture? · This is what I hope will become a free, sponsor-driven, resource for web designers deprived their own Mac. Allowing realtime viewing of their site in a handful of Mac browsers.
You may register at iCapture for free, or you can use a paid service, browsercam.

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