Friday, May 13, 2005

Firefox video campaign gaining steam

Video advertisements that depict people having extreme reactions to discovering Firefox are attracting a growing online audience.

The short videos show people getting so entranced by Firefox, the Mozilla Foundation's open-source browser, that they do things like scream loud enough to crack office walls and become disoriented enough to take a bite out of a cell phone, as if it were a candy bar.

The Mozilla Foundation said Thursday that the campaign had racked up nearly half a million hits in less than a week.

The videos had registered 300,000 hits by the end of the weekend, Nitot said, and were nearing 500,000 hits by Tuesday--the latest figures that were available on Thursday. The videos can be viewed at, a site set up by Mozilla Europe with help from the Pozz Agency.

*There are three different advertisement, namely The Office, The Mobile, and The Notebook. Nothing special, but its kinda funny. (Maybe that's the reason it's called "funnyfox"?)

Reference: ZDNet

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