Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Worm Targets P2P Networks

"The hacker appears to be sympathetic to the entertainment industry and their legal strategies against people who illegally trade music and movies," Sophos security analyst Graham Cluley said.

A new worm, W32/Nopir.B,is targeting the peer-to-peer networks that trade music and movies, usually illegally. Identified by antivirus and Internet security specialist Sophos, the worm destroys MP3 files on the hard drive when it is downloaded.

Nopir appears to have originated in France, according to Sophos, and spreads via peer-to-peer file-sharing systems posing as a hacked utility to make copies of commercial DVDs.

After it deletes the MP3 music files, it also disables various system utilities, and wipes programs on the infected PC .

*Be Careful of What You Download

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