Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Google Adsense New Features

Updated 5th of April

Improved channels functionality: better tools to help you optimize

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By now, you've likely discovered the power of AdSense channels when it comes to tracking ad performance. Today, we're introducing 3 updates to channel tracking, to make this feature even more useful:

* Channel reports in real-time: Until now, channel data was delayed 2 days before appearing in your reports. We've upgraded our system to provide real-time reporting, allowing you to quickly react to changes in your ad performance on a page-by-page basis.
* Remove channels: Your channels UI has been cleaned up, by introducing a 'Remove Channel' option that allows you to remove channels from your active and inactive lists.
* "Shift-select" for channels: When selecting channels from the Reports page selection box, use SHIFT+click to select multiple channels at once.

More information about URL and custom channels is available from the support center.

Improved reporting: ad unit impressions vs. page impressions

We've added new options to your reporting page, allowing you to select from page impressions or ad unit impressions when generating your performance reports. Not sure what this means? Check out the AdSense Support center for an explanation of page impressions versus ad unit impressions.

In addition, your browser will now remember your prior report settings each time you select a report. If you have a favorite report that you run often, you're going to love this feature!

AdSense for content in two new languages

We're pleased to let you know that AdSense now supports pages with content in Russian and Hungarian, in addition to the 16 languages previously supported. Account pages and support articles are also available in all 18 languages

*Alright, now more advanced features made available. I'm going to have a tough time for my project. =/

Reference: Google Adsense New

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