Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Flood your Word document with "=rand()" command

I remembered once my friend ask me to type in "=rand( )" in a new Words document and press enter, i followed what my friend asked me. Then i get the sentence "the quick brown dog jumps over the lazy fox" displayed on my Words.. I felt it was something cool, then i search through the net, and below are what i found:

Definition to the "=rand()" command
Type =rand("nr") where "nr" stands for a number; e.g.
=rand(90) generates 6 pages of quick brown foxes...

There's also another way, "= rand (,)"
Value1 stands for the number of paragraphs you want to create and value 2 stands for the number of times you want the line 'The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog' to appear in te paragraph. P.E. if you use =rand(10,5) you would get 10 paragraphs, each contaning the line 5 times.
If typing in "=rand(200,99)", you would get 1 line in 1 paragraph and the other one; 200 paragraphs, each containing the line 99 times. It is used to create test documents. Quite handy if you need to create several pages of text for testing purposes.

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