Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Optimize Adobe Load Time!

Do you feel frustrated when you clicked on a *.pdf file link and your computer suddenly "hang" and you need to wait for Acrobat to load the file? Or do you ever get bored with the time you have to wait to get Adobe software to be ready to be used?

I got to know a software to solve those problems through LiewCF, It's AcroPDF System. I download and installed PDF Speedup. Without having any second thought, I execute it. Guess what? It really works and it optimizes the Acrobat Reader's loading time from 1 minutes(running on my computer) to 20 seconds. It really speed up the loading time which amazed me. I don't have to wait for the time needed in order to load a *.pdf file. I haven't try the Adobe Photoshop yet, as I don't have the software installed on my pc, but LiewCF

Just to share it with you all who uses Adobe's software. This is really great. Try it and you won't regret.

*Also includes Speed Up Loading for Adobe PhotoShop and Acrobat Reader.

Download SpeedUp for Photoshop

Download SpeedUp for Acrobat Reader

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