Friday, March 25, 2005

Ghost Stories....

I used to listen to radio for ghost stories. I remembered, once when I was in tuition class, the students there likes to gather in the room(after class), switched off the light and disscuss on ghost stories.. This story, below, I read it from the message forwarded by my friend, original source not stated, and it's kinda scary, maybe not for you, but it does for me. Sit back and enjoy....

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Message: have a story to tell..... i(this is not me) was a college freshman... during my first sem. i had this experience..... i have a class in the comm.dept.,,,we had a group we reserved the auditorium....... when we got in,the lights were already turned on and i dropped my bag and set up my laptop while the others fixed the projectors and the posters.....we noticed that one of our group member was not around....i looked for her outside and i saw her sitting on a bench..she was having a smoke and looked pale...i let her in the audi cause the teacher was on her way....she didnt want to come in.she revealed to me that she can see ghosts and other supernatural beings that no on else can....... according to her...there was a girl at the ceiling that kept on laughing and was pointing at me...she said she follows me around,and kept on swinging from beam to beam..... as we reached the door,she grabbed my arm.i saw that there was a wet puddle right next to my bag on the chair.suddenly something small fell from the ceiling and landed on the puddle,it was a drop of liquid.she told me not to look up the ceiling...but i was i looked up i saw a girl with black ragged clothes,she has yellow teeth as if she didn't brush her teeth since she was born,she has long unruly hair that looked like it cant be brushed no matter how you try.she was mocking and was laughing at me...she kept on pointing at me.she was drooling,and her drool was color yellow and it has an awful smell,it was slimy.i got my things and went out of the room,i threw away the bag that has her drool on it.i didnt want any memories of what happened that day.but i kept seeing her in my room.i didn't know what to do.i found out later that before the school stood there,it was a big house.she lives in the big house and her father didn't want her to go out of their mansion so she was locked in a room,she died and her body was not found,some say she became crazy,some say her body was in the walls of the room and she loves to play on the ceiling wandering around,swinging.the room later on became the comm.dept of the school. i realized that she wanted to let the people know what happened to her,because when i began to tell people,she didn't visit me in my room anymore.the problem is that the person i told about her also have to spread her story. so post this message again and also send it to other people..if u ignore this and just read it,she will visit you in your room and follow u wherever you will go by swinging on the ceiling.

That's all for the day. Something to share with ya all. (Sorry for the off topic)

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