Monday, January 31, 2005

miriam yeung chin-wah

Miriam Yeung BIOGRAPHY :
Original Name: Yeung Chak Wah [Miriam's parents pined for a baby boy as their first child, hence the masculine name]
Full Name: Miriam Yeung Chin Wah [the alteration in name occurred when Miriam was around three to four years of age, in seek of good health; suggested by a fortune teller]

- Yeung Chin Fa [Miriam's infamous nickname attributed by herself]
- Big Laughter Lady (hanyu pinyin: Da4 Xiao4 Gu1 Po2) [Miriam's infamous nickname attributed by the media]
- Big-headed Lass (hanyu pinyin: Da4 Tou2 Mei4)
- Yeung-Four [the best academic position Miriam attained was fourth]

Place of Birth: Tsan Yuk Hospital (Hong Kong)
Eyesight: Approximately 200 degrees Myopic
Spoken Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Teochew
Personality: Cheerful, active, straight-forward, friendly, humble, filial, responsible
Specializations: Singing, playing the piano, ballet, English calligraphy, drawing
Family members: Father, mother, younger sister, younger brother
Residence: To Gua Wan [old], The Mid Levels [current]
Hometown: Teochew Province, China
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, window-shopping, piecing jigsaw puzzles
Clothing size: Depends on the clothes' "cutting"
Shoe size: 38
Education status: Completed primary and secondary education at Holy Family Canossian College; completed a 3-year nursing course at Princess Margaret Student Training Hospital
Academic grade during primary and secondary education: Best grade - 4th; worst grade - 16th
Hong Kong Certificate Examination of Education (HKCEE) Partial Results:
Chinese Literature - C
History - C
Mathematics - unknown [Miriam says that this is her worst subject]

Previous occupation: As a registered nurse at Princess Margaret Hospital
Nurse registration number: RNGF022894 [Date of registration: 31 July 1995]

A Song for ya all...

Single - Miriam Yeung

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